Darkly Told – Alicia Cole

darkly told
“Darkly Told: An Audio Chapbook” (
Priestess & Hierophant Press) is an experience in gothic fantasy poetry. C.S.E. Cooney reads several of Alicia Cole’s pieces over an original score composed by Memory Splice. For the most part, the score and reading compliment each other well, with soars and swells emphasizing climatic lines of poetry; however, there are moments where Cole’s voice is swallowed up. Luckily, the disc includes multiple tracks so you can listen to the complete composition or just the reading or just the musical score. “Darkly Told” contains eight poems with plenty of meat on their bones. Cole weaves a horrific mindscape that at once satisfies, scares, and leaves the listener wanting just one more piece. All in all, Cole and company deliver a unique poetry presentation.
– Jason Bates