Here’s To Almost – Feral Conservatives

coverWhat happens when you take punk rock sensibilities, indie rock influences, unique vocal stylings, and you stir them all together with a mandolin? What happens is amazing! What happens is the Feral Conservatives! “Here’s To Almost” is FC’s first full-length album on Egghunt Records, and it marks a definitive step in the band’s evolution. Where 2012’s self-released “Breaks and Mends” was a strong debut, “Here’s To Almost” explores what is possible. From the jaunty Bus Driver to the driving grunge of Twenty-Eight to the anthemic Complacent and the depth of Acrylics, this album delivers the goods with every track. It would be easy for FC to lean heavily on the mandolin as a crutch, but that is absolutely not the case. The mandolin is treated as one piece of the total sound and the result is a complete, cohesive sound that is wholly their own. – Jason Bates